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Skin tightening and body contouring - Ulfit

Need a lift?

Ever fancied a face-lift but don’t fancy going under the knife?

Good news. We offer Ulfit - an advanced therapeutic non-surgical face lifting treatment. The ground-breaking technology used is designed to increase your comfort while offering minimal downtime. Our many happy Ulfit customers see tightening and lifting of the forehead, eye area, cheeks, jowls, wrinkles and double chin – all without ever going anywhere near a knife!

In just one to two treatments you can see dramatic results. For the very best outcomes, we recommend two treatments three months apart, then one treatment annually. What better way to prepare for the passing of another milestone!? Or, just because.

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*First time customers require an initial consultation
Treatment Single price Prepay 2
Full face $899 $749 ea
Eyes $249 $229 ea
Cheeks, jowls $749 $649 ea
Jowls & neck $749 $649 ea
Cheeks, jowls & neck $999 $799 ea
Full face, jowls & neck $1499 $1199 ea
Body Single price
Abdomen tightening $1599
Abdomen contouring $699

We will apply the tip of the specialised hand piece onto your skin using perpetual motion to increase the warm build-up in the deeper layers of your skin. The micro-focused ultrasound waves raise the temperature below the skin enough to stimulate collagen remodeling and production, whilst not effecting the surface of the skin. We have the option to use one of three different cartridges targeting different depths of skin to the precise levels required for optimal results.

* First time customers require an initial consultation