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Skin peels

Your freshest possible face.

The thought of a skin peel can be a bit of a step into the unknown, but happily, you can cast aside all doubts knowing that we offer the very best in skin peeling solutions.

These delicious peels cater to all skin concerns: acne, ageing, skin dullness, pigmentation, dry/scaly skin and general rejuvenation. The rejuvenating effects are evident after just one session and in as little as three days, however ‘more is more’ in this case, so we recommend a couple of return visits for optimal results.

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*First time customers require an initial consultation
Treatment Single price Prepay 4 Prepay 6
Boost peel $109 $99 ea $94 ea
Age Defying/Problem/Pigmentation peel $159 $149 ea $144 ea
Vitamin A peel $179 $169 ea $164 ea
Add-on in same appointment as your skin peel Single price
LED light therapy $49

We will apply a peel solution, and while it’s on, you will notice a certain warmth and tingling as the naturally-occurring acids permeate your skin, doing their good work. The total treatment lasts just 30 minutes.

* First time customers require an initial consultation.