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Skin consultation & skin analysis

Skin analysis

Ever wondered what’s actually going on under the surface of your skin, or what your ageing process will look like? What will your lovely face become at 30? At 40? And beyond? We can show you with our in-depth skin analysis using the latest OBSERV® 520 skin diagnostic device – which we recommend before you have any treatment.

We can literally show you what lurks beneath the outer layer of your skin - freckles, pigmentation, age spots – which will eventually make their way to the surface as your skin cells turn over (once every 30 days to be precise). Confronting? Can be. Empowering? Definitely!

OBSERV® 520 will help direct the course of action you want to take, and also give you some compelling before and after photos for the scrapbook!

Skin consultation

Prior to your first treatment your therapist will conduct a 15 minute skin consultation to discuss your current skin concerns and the results you are wishing to obtain to ensure the treatment is right for you. A skin consultation is necessary before any skin treatment is carried out. This gives you the opportunity to discuss your concerns with your therapist, and ensure that the treatment choice is right for you

The cost of the skin consultation is redeemable off any treatment or skin care product, within 14 days of the date of the skin consultation.

$39* Book Now
*Skin consultation only: Redeemable with any treatment or skin care product within 14 days of the date of consultation.
Treatment Price
OBSERV® 520 Skin analysis (30 minutes) $49
Skin Consultation* (15 minutes) $39

Skin analysis

We will take a series of photographs of your skin from different angles. The cutting-edge OBSERV® 520 uses filters on these photos, which will highlight the areas of your skin that are looking great, areas that are already affecting your appearance, and areas that could impact how the future-you will look. OBSERV® 520 allows us to tailor treatments and products that will help you now and protect your future face. It’s non-invasive, and a no brainer we think!

Skin consultation


* First time customers require an initial consultation