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Laser for pigmentation

Out, brown spot!

Nothing says sun damage like pigmentation – seen on the skin as brown spots and uneven patches. Here in New Zealand where the sun is increasingly harsh, we are more prone than ever. We all know to avoid the sun these days, but the good news is that if you baked yourself in baby oil before you knew better, we can still help you look and feel great about your skin.

Our superior laser technology offers a treatment which is clinically proven to enhance the appearance of benign pigmentation in just a few short sessions.

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Concerns it treats

Treatment Single price Prepay 4 Prepay 6
Spot treatment $59 $54 ea $49 ea
1/2 face $99 $89 ea $84 ea
Full face $139 $124 ea $114 ea
Neck - front or back $99 $89 ea $84 ea
Decollétage $119 $109 ea $104 ea
Face, neck & decollétage $279 $259 ea $249 ea
Hands and fingers $89 $84 ea $79 ea
1/2 arms - upper or lower $149 $134 ea $124 ea
Full arms $199 $179 ea $169 ea
1/2 legs - upper or lower $199 $179 ea $169 ea
Full legs $299 $269 ea $254 ea
Shoulders $129 $119 ea $114 ea
Upper back & shoulders $239 $219 ea $209 ea
Full back & shoulders $329 $299 ea $279 ea

As the laser hand piece is applied to your skin, only the darker pigments (or brown spots) absorb the energy, meaning we are targeting just the skin cells you want to be rid of. The laser energy absorbed causes the pigmented cells to lift to the surface of the skin, and naturally flake away over the next week or so, leaving your skin tone more even and your skin fresher than ever. Welcome to more beautiful skin. After just a few quick, seamless sessions your skin will be more radiant than ever – there can be some pain (but it is very quick). Between 2-6 treatments are recommended.

* First time customers require an initial consultation