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Dermal fillers

Plump up the volume.

For over 20 years, customers concerned with elements of their appearance have been turning to hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers.

Commonly known as HA fillers, they are a popular choice amongst leading appearance medicine practitioners because they’re so similar to the HA found in the dermal layer of human skin.

What’s interesting is that human HA is responsible for approximately 50 per cent of the internal ‘scaffolding’ that keeps our skin firm and plump. As we age, we start to notice HA loss and the elements of ageing creeping in: sneaky wrinkles; dark circles under our eyes, volume depletion, and drooping of facial contours.

Along with treating common appearance concerns, dermal filler is also used successfully by many to reshape facial contours and enhance facial features including lips, temples, noses and chins.

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*First time customers require an initial consultation
Treatment Price
Lips to Love (1ml) $539
More Lips to Love (2ml) $999
Perioral lines (1ml) $699
Cheeky cheeks (1ml) $749
Cheekier cheeks (2ml) $999
Hands (2ml) $895
Cheeks & Lips (3ml) $1459
Hydrate (1ml) - Improves skin & lip hydration $449
Advanced Dermal Fillers Price
Chin (1ml) $789
Jaw re-shaping (1ml) $789
Jowls (1ml) $789
Nasolabial Folds/smile/laugh lines (1ml) $789
Marionette lines/corner of mouth (1ml) $749
Add-on Juverderm thin, medium or thick (1ml) from $395
Cosmetic injectables packages Price
1ml filler & 1 area anti-wrinkle* (50 units of Dysport®) $799
1ml filler & 2 areas anti-wrinkle* (70 units of Dysport®) $899
1ml filler & 3 areas anti-wrinkle* (120 units of Dysport®) $1099
2ml filler & 2 areas anti-wrinkle* (70 units of Dysport®) $1249
2ml filler & 3 areas anti-wrinkle* (120 units of Dysport®) $1499
*Anti-wrinkle = upper half of face

We will first chat with you to figure out which product and look suits your needs best. Once a treatment plan is in place, anaesthetic may be administered, then over the next 15 - 45 minutes, the selected filler will be skillfully injected into the skin through tiny, hair-like needles for an instantaneous and natural-looking result. There are a number of different HA filler products on the market, so the longevity of the treatment can greatly vary: anything from four to 18 months. Please ask us for advice.

* First time customers require an initial consultation


Dysport® (Clostridium botulinum type A toxin-haemagglutinin complex, 300 or 500 IPSEN units) is a Prescription Medicine for the treatment of vertical frown lines between the eyebrows. DYSPORT® has risks and benefits. For more information, talk to your healthcare professional or read the Consumer Medicine Information available at www.medsafe.govt.nz. Ask your Doctor if DYSPORT® is right for you. Do not use in patients with allergy to active ingredients, in patients diagnosed with myasthenic gravis. Do not use if there is sign of infection at injection site. If you experience side effects and they concern you, see your healthcare professional. You will need to pay for DYSPORT® and for the administration and consultation charges. Galderma c/o Healthcare Logistics, Auckland 0800 174 104.

JUVEDERM ULTRA TM & JUVEDERM ULTRA PLUS TM injectable gels are Prescription Medicines containing 24 mg/mL cross linked hyaluronic acid. They are used for the filling of medium size and deep facial wrinkles by injection into the skin and for creating definition and volume in the lips.