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UV damage and pigmentation


We love summer, but sun damage and skin pigmentation are all too common for us sun-loving, holiday-making, outdoorsy Kiwis! It’s not only the harsh sun down here: trauma and hormonal imbalance can contribute, and with increasing everyday pressures, we are a nation with skin pigmentation issues aplenty.

Pigmentation occurs when pigment-producing cells are over-stimulated and inject more particles into normal skin cells as they rise to the surface. What results are brown spots and patches – this is what we call pigmentation.

The scary thing is, pigmentation is already lurking beneath the surface for many of us. Good thing then that we have the latest Observ 520® skin diagnostic device which allows us to show you what lurks beneath the outer layer of your skin - freckles, pigmentation, age spots!

As a New Zealand-owned and operated business, no one understands the harsh impact of our environment better than we do. We’re here to help and we’ve got packages and treatments suitable for all level of concern.

UV damage and pigmentation

Recommended Packages


1 visit
Designed for those with sun damaged/pigmented skins. Skin will be lightened and brightened within a few weeks.
1 Pre-laser microdermabrasion 1 Laser pigmentation treatment - face 1 LED light treatment 1 Lovely by skin institute product

Save $47


4 visits over 6 - 12 weeks
This package will deeply rejuvenate the skin in as little as six weeks, using a combination of treatments designed to lift and reduce pigmented areas.
2 Express Microdermabrasion 2 Laser pigmentation treatments - face 1 Lovely by skin institute product

Save $76

Forever Fresh

5 visits over 8 – 18 weeks
An intensive course of treatments designed to target stubborn pigmentation and improve skin tone and texture.
1 Cleansing Microdermabrasion 2 laser pigmentation treatments - face 2 Dermapen 4™ - microneedling treatments - face 1 Lovely by skin institute product

Save $115


4 visits over 8 - 24 weeks
Get glowing with this ultimate rejuvenation package. Recommended for those who have uneven skin tone and texture and want to see an overall change in their skin.
1 Boost peel 1 Laser pigmentation - face 1 Vascular 5 minute laser - face 2 Dermapen 4™ - microneedling treatments - face 1 Lovely by skin institute product

Save $96