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Fine lines and wrinkles

Ageing gracefully

It’s a fact of life. Whether you’re 20 years old or 65, we’re all getting older. The good news is that there is a myriad of products and treatments available to help those who wish to slow down the ageing process.

Fine lines and wrinkles appear on our skin as we move our facial muscles in the same way every day, year after year: laughing with friends, concentrating at work, worrying about the finances or squinting at the sun. Each of these daily expressions leaves a tiny imprint on our skin where the collagen and elastin fibres are diminished.

We offer so many options - including superior anti-ageing technology - to replenish these lost fibres and strengthen the rest, providing natural-looking rejuvenation and an enviable freshness.

Whatever your age or stage, come and talk to us about the best way to slow down the inevitable. Using our in-depth skin diagnostic device Observ® 520, our experienced therapists and highly-trained nurses will work with you to guarantee more graceful ageing.

Fine lines and wrinkles

Recommended Packages

Glow & Go

1 visit
A day package designed to instantly boost and invigorate the skin, leaving the skin glowing. Laser rejuvenation wakes up your collagen and elastin producing cells, along with strengthening your skin.
1 Express microdermabrasion 1 Laser skin rejuvenation - face 1 Lovely by skin institute product

Save $28

Smooth & Rejuvenate

4 visits over 9 - 14 weeks
Smooth your fine lines and rejuvenate your appearance in as little as four visits. Recommended for those who are noticing the signs of ageing.
2 Boost peels 2 Laser skin rejuvenation treatments — face 1 Cleansing Micodermabrasion with mask 1 Dermapen 4™ microneedling treatment- face 1 Lovely by skin institute product

Save $154

Smooth & Lift

4 visits over 6 - 16 weeks
Wind back the clock and lift your features with this intense age reversing package. Recommended for those who want to firm and tighten their skin.
2 Vitamin A peels 2 Ulfit treatments — face 1 Lovely by skin institute product

Save $316


4 visits over 8 - 24 weeks
Get glowing with this ultimate rejuvenation package. Recommended for those who have uneven skin tone and texture and want to see an overall change in their skin.
1 Boost peel 1 Laser pigmentation - face 1 Vascular 5 minute laser - face 2 Dermapen 4™ - microneedling treatments - face 1 Lovely by skin institute product

Save $96