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Loose skin and stretch marks

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As much as we’d like to deny it, we are all susceptible to loose skin and stretch marks.

As we age, have children, or gain and lose weight, our bodies can change drastically without giving our skin enough time to repair the damaged caused as we morph.

As the collagen and elastin fibres degrade and stretch in the deeper layers of the skin, the look of the top layer can change, with saggy skin or stretch marks appearing. Sometimes if the fibres become damaged beyond the skin’s natural ability to heal, the fibres don’t spring back into their original shape.

The good news is that we have secured the ultimate technology that treats the skin at a deeper level, tricking your body into repairing and replenishing some of these damaged fibres – improving the appearance and touch-worthiness - of the skin.

Our advanced procedures treat the deeper layers of your skin without any impact on the skin’s surface - meaning you have minimal down time after a treatment, with optimal results.

Come and talk to us about how you can achieve your best body with Lovely by Skin Institute.

Loose skin and stretch marks

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