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Acne and breakouts

Put your best face forward: acne and breakouts

We know. There’s nothing worse than taking that first morning look in the mirror and discovering you have a new spot. Whether it’s just a few hormonal blemishes or you’re an unfortunate sufferer of acne, we are here to help you look good and feel more confident as a result. Our experience tells us genetics, hormones, lifestyle, stress or simply using the incorrect skincare products can contribute to your skin breaking out.

And yes, pimples can pop up anywhere but are found most commonly on the face, chest and back where there are more oil glands present. At Lovely by Skin Institute, we want to help put your best face – and body - forward. We have a wide range of industry-leading treatments, proprietary products and superior technologies available to deliver an acne treatment package just for you:

Acne and breakouts

Recommended Packages

Acne Ease

1 visit
A deep cleaning detoxification day package with added antibacterial and rejuvenation benefits - suited for any skin type.
1 Cleansing microdermabrasion 1 LED light treatment 1 Lovely by skin institute product

Save $22

Acne Clear

4 visits over 6 - 12 weeks
Assist your skin in getting acne under control with this three month course of treatments. Recommended for those suffering with mild acne conditions.
2 Boost peels 2 Express microdermabrasion 2 LED blue light treatments 1 Lovely by skin institute product

Save $55